7 December 2017
6.30pm to 9.30pm
Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road 8 S(408601)
Training Room 1-1, Level 1

The gig economy is unstoppable. The team sat down and brainstormed about just what we thought could add value into the careers of freelancers in the form of GIGshop™ — above and beyond the information on how to kickstart your freelancing career easily found available online.

Enter GIGshop #1: Skill Up for FREELANCING. It seems easy to brush this off as a workshop for niche gigs, but this could apply to just anyone in the gig economy. Right off the bat, it’s important to extricate yourself from the 9-5 mindset, and see yourself as an entrepreneur.

At its very core, joining the gig-economy full-time is not unlike striking it out your own as a start-up. Your skills and services are your product, and you are your own boss/accountant/HR/PR executive. Maintaining your career works the same way too, it’s important to brand yourself, set yourself apart from the competition, and evolve along with the times.

The first GIGshop™ helps you with that, giving you hacks on how to start from scratch – from getting funds that you need, and maintaining your career, to growing your base, and leveraging platforms available to you to make yourself stronger.

GIGshop #1 is completely FREE for freelancers. If you’re a small business owner, startup founder, or even just a regular folk who works in startups — we’re opening 25% of our seats to you for only $10 per pax.

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