Prerequisites: familiar with Woocommerce Analytics, Google Analytics, FB and Instagram Analytics, Google Data Studio, Conversion Optimization principles, Digital and Social Marketing and SEO

Key Objectives:

1. To assist company to set up baseline suite of analytic reporting tools to assess the company website traffic (monthly basis), identify opportunities to optimize conversions and grow traffic/sales, and assess promotion/marketing engagement effectiveness.

a. Using Google Data Studio or similar tool, individual must prepare a historical analysis of key metrics provided by company in a dashboard report format to allow company to track KPIs going forward.

b. The report should combine the data from Woocommerce, GA, FB Analytics and Insta Analytics to give us a profile of our viewership and conversions and specifically identify areas where significant leakage (ie. where previous Ad Spend was ineffective, where Bounce Rate is high, where Page Response Speed is Low, etc.).

c. Company can provide detailed guidance on KPIs we wish to track but freelancer must be capable to pull out the data from different sources and generate relevant reports for Company management to utilize.

2. Create a quarterly marketing calendar to map out key 2018 online and offline sales events, promotions, and other online and offline milestones so that we can initiate content and campaign planning accordingly.

a. Individual should be capable to recommend more effective deployment of existing FB ad budget and, upon generating results, Company will increase budget accordingly to high effectiveness areas.

3. To manage Company Instagram and FB accounts, including:

a. Research of Top 20 relevant hashtags (English and Chinese) used for our category, to be used for future posts (incorporating insights from Instagram Analytics YTD results).

b. To create a minimum of 15 posts per month for Company Instagram and 12 posts per month for Company FB.

i. 50-60% of posts should be category content (not direct sales/promotion)

ii. Remaining 40% posts should be Company specific product / promotion posts, including product feature, wholesale partner store features, short product review videos produced by Company, and giveway/promo code features to align with Marketing Calendar.

c. To supervise the offshore sourcing of Blog Content Creation.  Company will set aside a budget of $20-30 per article and attempt to build a pool of freelance writers (Craigslist Philippines, etc.) to write at least 1 article per week (400-500 words plus relevant video and image content) to maintain Company blog.  Company to incorporate blog topics in Editorial Calendar and staff to supervise collection of content.

4. To open a Company youtube channel.  Content to be provided by Company periodically.

5. Respond to emails or social media private messages (ad hoc basis if directed by Company) in professional and timely manner.

6. To import Product Reviews from other websites for use on Company website.

Nature of engagement:  Monthly, project-based fixed cost, scope to be agreed monthly in advance and payment upon task completion within 30 days.  First month is probation month, if extended then freelancer must commit to minimum 6-month total engagement.